The ICOA’s work focuses on four strategic areas through which it provides technical cooperation in different topics, to contribute to the comprehensive development of organic production.

Facilitation of trade in organic products and the development of organic markets.
• Harmonizing standards among countries.
• Creating standards for organic production matters that are not standardized.
• Assisting countries in processes to enable their standards and control systems to be recognized and validated by their commercial partners.
• Assisting countries in defining strategies to develop socially-inclusive organic markets that include producers and consumers..

Establishment and strengthening of National Control Systems (NCS) for Organic Production.
• Developing methodological instruments to strengthen the NCS.
• Creating proposals to strengthen the NCS in the countries and monitoring their implementation.
• Supporting the establishment of institutional frameworks for organic production in countries where they do not exist.

Promotion of organic production.
• Developing methodological instruments to promote organic production.
• Creating proposals for policies and agendas that promote organic production.
• Supporting the establishment of institutional frameworks needed to promote organic production in the countries.

Information and knowledge management. 
• Facilitating stakeholder access to information of interest, to support and improve decision-making processes.
• Disseminating relevant information among stakeholders involved in organic production.